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Darlene Smith - Dars Dobermans

My name came up on their site by someone looking to buy a doberman pup from me. I was shocked by the that I got bashed by people who never met me, never saw my dogs, never heard of me or knew nothing of me, yet claimed they did. dobermantalk is well known for bad mouthing everyone. Most say just stay away from that site. Its a nasty place. One clue about DT should be the fact that they are not endorsed by ANY large kennel!


Wendy G. Moss - Doberman Rescue Alliance Inc.

Those who bash all breeders have lost sight of the fact that if breeders don't exist our chosen breeds become extinct. I dislike bad breeding practices as much as the next guy, but all breeders are not bad. At DT, unless you are a member of their little group, all other breeders are bad.


Anne Grimm - Kimbertal Kennels

The dobermantalk forum is definitely a tight little clique and not for the faint of heart. In our long 80+ page "discussion" people threatened to follow me home and get to my kids so they know "what I do"??? They threatened to come in black and tan KKK robes and walk around the parking lot and kennels every Saturday. They also sent PMs to each other with info on me and then made vague comments about it on line without ever saying what info they were giving out. If they can not justify their hearsay they try and intimidate those who do not agree or ban you. There are other forums with more open minds and a much healthier atmosphere.


Lynn Claypoole -

Myself, my dogs, my site, and my kennel were all brutalized by members of DT, including the moderator. Fact is, I have a fortune in obtaining the finest Dobermans in the world. My experience with DT is that these members are vicious and seek to destroy anyone who disagrees with their point of view. To disagree with this small clique you are heckled, defamed and then banned. These people need to be held accountable for the damages they create and the reputations they seek to ruin. They will research you and defame you any chance they get. I do not know of any one big kennel they have not attacked. Do a google search with a big doberman kennel name and then Dobermantalk and you will see what I mean by the search results. I think the US Dept of Justice needs to get involved and investigate this outfit and bring to justice these individuals that are setting out to destroy people, their reputations and livelihoods. I believe only they have the resources to do it. These people really need to be stopped!

Note by administrator - A complaint has been filed with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit.


Doberman Talk can best be described as a casting call for the movie "Best in Show". As someone new to dobermans, I initially found the site when conducting due diligence on Steve Parsons / Family Dobes prior to purchasing my puppy. Initially, I was absolutely horrified at the things I read and to be completely honest, I almost cancelled the sale. But something just didn't sit right with me. I have had conversations with Steve Parsons over the past few years and could not believe that my own impression of him could be so far off base. Then I dug a little deeper and read all the posts written by the DT users most critical of him and it became readily apparent that these were ignorant people who had nothing nice to say about anyone other than a chosen few who could do no wrong. The majority of their criticisms were in direct contradiction of what I knew of Steve and his breeding program so I decided to follow my gut and purchased my little guy from Family Dobes anyway and I thank God every day that I did. Steve Parsons has exceeded every expectation I could ever have. He has held my hand, been an invaluable resource on every level and has always been available for every rookie question I have ever asked of him and this magnificent pup he blessed me with is the joy of my life.

Having had sufficient direct experience with Steve to state with certainty that the DT posts were wholly untrue, I reported several of the posts that, as an attorney, I believed were clearly defamatory and obviously violated DT's terms of use and "Manifesto". Absolutely no action was taken. I contacted the administrator and asked her under what circumstances violative posts would be removed and under whose discretion such decisions were made. I received no response. I left messages at VeticalScopes corporate office requesting a discussion with their general counsel. Again, no response. But when I made a post defending Steve, I was told I was not welcome on the site and when I made a post asking if one of their beloved breeders was disclosing that she had cryptorchidism in her bloodlines, I was banned. Anyone seeking to verify any of this may review my posts on DT under the user name "Wilsonsmom".
In addition, I have seen moderators post a user's private email address and name and instructing all breeders not to sell this person a dog when such user called them out for being idiots. I am preparing a form letter that anyone can sign and send to the management of the DT site expressing their outrage of the forum's content and behaviour of the administrator. Please private message me for a copy if interested.


Keith Rawls - Idlewild Doberman Kennel

My kennel has been savaged by these ill-mannered people for two years now. I'm talking publicly savaged across the world wide web even in Europe. It was so bad a year ago I considered closing my kennel website and even thought of just closing shop. No telling how many people know me only from these public slams on the internet. I have a lot of money and time invested in my kennel and I am being ripped apart personally by name in every search engine out there every day. And these filthy
attacks are being done by people who hide their real identity behind chat room names with nothing to lose. This is the day to day routine at dobermantalk with the webmaster and the moderators grinning ear to ear!

I only found out about this "Beware" website last week and I am so happy to see it in operation. But before I found this "Beware" website I had been doing my own investigating of these so called dobermantalk forum folk's and here's what I've found: is owned by an ad agency whose real agenda is to sell ads and sell merchandising. This is why they push those cups, t-shirts, hats and anything else they can sell. This dobermantalk website is really more of a store front for the ad agency. These are not dog people at all. Point in fact, there is not one major Doberman kennel anywhere who supports or stands by these ad agency people. Apparently they have hired web specialists to get their name brand in on all search engines connecting to the Doberman Pinscher Industry and they have hired researchers to fill their web pages with Doberman topics and information as if they are an authority on any of it and they are not. There is nothing in their web pages that I haven't already seen in other places. Looks to me like they may even borrow their information word for word on certain pages. Any industry professional in any industry knows you never allow
hateful talk to be spewed from your company into public settings. And BTW, Google is a public setting.

To sit back and allow this garbage talk to become attached to Google and Yahoo search listings daily, well you know there has to be a real management problem and a moderator problem goes without saying. The one time I went on to this forum to please ask that they delete the mistruths they had splattered all over several search engines about my kennel not health testing, two or three forum beasties ganged up on me ripping my kennel because they disliked my Dobermans. In fact the moderator even joined in and said I did not belong there and I should give Altobello Kennel his sugar. That remark felt pretty creepy, I don't know exactly what it meant,probably stick it, but I knew it was time for me to go with nothing accomplished. Also you may have noticed that to dobermantalk everybody they decide to dislike is a puppy mill. So puppy mill must be their race card, and I find that weak and pathetic. has indeed shown itself to be a dark and negative force here in our midst, a cancer for our entire Doberman Pinscher industry. I believe this "Beware" website will continue to grow and I hope one of these victims or maybe even all of us together can one day just shut them up or shut them down!


Merab Khiskiadze - KENNEL"HISMERH" - RUSSIA -, 

my problem i no have best English and no have time for answer all bulshet anonymous peoples, all time peoples are gelles  and write a lot bulshet, i really have 25 years experience 5 time my dogs weens in IDS show and several Europian shows, i em are Europian Doberman Judge also i can gave evry bary my experience , not gist anonymous peoples around 200 dogs in USA have peoples from my kennel Hismerh  and evry are happy and have good relation ship with me i halp with evry bary evry my customers and another people any time thanks for you halp best regards Merab


 Kathy Gardner/ LeGard Dobermans

I have been showing, handling, and training breeding and titling Dobermans since 1974. I have worked hard to build my reputation; I have not lasted this long by not having superior breeder ethics and dogs. About 98% of my clients are from referrals, and or repeat clientele.

I have a waiting list on my puppies that is constantly growing. I am dedicated to this breed .

I too have often been bashed, hammered, and  slandered by DT over the years, accused of everything you can imagine and more. I have known many wonderful Doberman breeders and handlers over the many years that I have been active in this breed, and I have seen multitudes of these good people bashed and slandered by DT, By many of the so-called breed experts on DT with the big opinions AND SO MUCH NEGITIVITY about others are the ones on DT that are nobodies, in the breed, wanting to be A SOMEBODY!

I have seen many people who asked for mentoring and or advice on DT and was ridiculed and treated horribly. (Shame on you people on DT!!!)

In all of my years of reputable and professional dog handling, have I ever seen such a low class judgmental bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do than pretend to be knowledgeable in the breed, all the while, offending newbie’s in the breed as well as spewing bogus lies and claims against any and all other Doberman breeders, while using the site DT to do nothing more than PROMOTE THERE OWN AGENDAS….. PERIOD!

I am very pleased to see someone finally take a firm stand against these people and let the public know what they really are. It seems that these people on DT have too much time on there hands and no life other than DT, other than trying to promote there own dogs, by ridiculing the competition.

I personally have seen every breeder, every kennel, and many newbie’s attacked and slandered. The objective and goal should be to EDUCATE AND INFORM THE PUBLIC on Doberman health, care and training, to mentor our public, They have turned DT into a bashing board, judge, jury and all, based only on there very own opinions, not facts.

The evidence is in, and the fact is, the site should be shut down, and boycott the advertisers of this site…

I personally have a wonderful site that has literally hundreds of pages of Doberman education that I have spent many years creating for mentoring potential puppy buyers, as well as many other reputable breeders, who have taken the time and effort to help educate others in the breed.

The fact is I do not care if you purchase a puppy from me or someone else, Just make an informed purchase, and never take any Chat room or forum serious, Trust the breeders Own veterinarian's and or referrals, and past client referrals, Not someone who has never met them or knows nothing about them expect for what they want to make up in order to benefit themselves with an ulterior motive, and or a personal agenda.

Keep up the good work on this site.. Great Job Lynn… kudo’s to you!

Kathy Gardner/ LeGard Dobermans


Kim Cornell and Julie Gabel - K and J Desert Dobermans

We are a very small breeder in Lind, WA and we pride ourselves on our affordable prices, doberfamily and our breeding program. We went on DT. and DH. to find out if we were heading in the right direction in our program and we made the mistake of saying that we were a breeder...once that was mentioned, the name calling, threats, and verbal abuse commenced. Our kennel name has been under attack and when you go on Google to find our website, all you see is the negative comments that they have posted for all to see. Yes, we are a Doberman Pinscher breeder, but we don't overbreed, or inbreed. They made it very clear that we live off of our puppies, which is completely FALSE! We have a regular income and we own 3 adults (1 non-papered and 2 European/American AKC's), we did have a beautiful male, but we were having a problem with him not getting along with our newest female...he is living with a wonderful family and a 2 doberman home now...we have been viciously attacked over this decision also. My daughter and her husband have a dobie puppy from our non-papered female and she is a new Doberman Pinscher owner, she made the mistake of going on these sites and once she mentioned our kennel name, they started to bash her for going through a "highend backyard breeder", she hasn't been on there since! I'm very happy to see that someone is doing this and we are proud to be part of this movement!!! We know that because of these mean and hurtful things that they say, we have lost potential puppy owners, it's time to start FIGHTING BACK!!!

Margo Richards -

This site is so overdue ! DT and the vicious members have gotten by with too much for too long. I personally have a complaint filed with the Attorney General of Missouri and I would urge everyone else who has been slandered and harassed to do the same with the Attorney General in your state. If enough of us speak out we will be heard. Cyber Bullying is against the law. And this is if anything ever was ! I have been threatened with anonymous phone calls and e-mails.
Not only has DT and it's members sought to harm me and my business they have caused permanent damage to one of my puppies through poor advice to the owner . They drove the new owner away from me as the breeder telling him it was all my fault and was genetic. ( But none of them have a DVM ) And therefore I was not able to work with him to help correct the nutrition/growth issue he was having with his puppy until it was too late. Now this dog will live with this needless pain and suffering his whole life. DT and the members are the worst thing that could have ever happened to the Doberman breed.
And if anyone knows of a class action suit coming up please contact me.

Meghan Broderick -

I have been breeding for about 5 years now and training for about 12 years. I happen to see on Google that someone was inquiring about my dobermans so of course I clicked into the link and post after post they were bashing everything my breeding program stands for just because one innocent person was inquiring about me as a breeder and wanted to see if anyone had dealings with me or my dogs.
None of these people had ever even talked to me over the phone but yet they jumped ahead to say I do not health test any of my dogs, I over breed and am doing this to make money and that's it! Even more the few people who had actually purchased puppies from me or even just had a phone conversation with me had nothing but great things to say. That was pushed aside very quickly since the people who had never had dealings with me apparently knew much better.
I was horrified to think that someone would think of me that way- of course I tried to defend myself and explain what they might not understand but that did nothing. I actually just made it worse. Nobody would even listen to all of the time and care I give my dogs. They were all just focused on one thing and that was telling me over and over again that I have no business breeding and I should leave this job to the people who know what they are doing and people can just go to a local shelter to get a dog like I am breeding.
I actually started to question myself and my breeding for a day or so until I came across and saw all these other people some even I know personally and seen what things were said about them and know first hand how not true they were.
That website would be great if it was used to gain real information about the doberman breed or breeders (when people have actually had experience with them) not because the little "clique" of people on there have their favorite breeders and if you are not in that circle you are basically screwed to any person looking for a puppy.


Margo Richards -

I want to tell you how much your site has helped me. It has made me feel like its not just me against them. I see someone else said the same thing. What the DT thugs do is try to isolate you and then beat you down. By putting up BDT you have taken that away from them. Just reading the other experiences I felt a heaviness come off my chest. People can be so cruel and hurtful. And DT is that at it's worst. It' a step away from humanity that has never been seen before in all the ages but because of internet it is now possible.

Hate Mail Received by Margo Richards from an anonymous coward DT member going by the name of IndianaDobeFriend

You are one sick fucking greeder.  I've seen doberman mixes (aka mutts) look better than the shit you produce. 

Fanfuckingtastic!!!YOU.... are a waste of fucking space!!!

And what's wrong with your bitch?  Why you trying to sell the pour girl?  After all, she is your cash cow, isn't she?  Are my tax dollars not enough to support your fucking fat ass (yes you have a fat ass... it's posted in the window reflection of the pics you posted of your bitch).  Go on a fucking diet you fat ass ape!!!



One of my customers who is extremely happy with their pup got on DT to share pics and chat. Little did he know what he was getting himself into. They bashed me personally, my dogs, my customers, and my business. They exaggerated EVERYTHING that was on my site. You would think they would be out rescuing dobies left and right by the way they all seem to "care" so much about the breed, but instead they're cowards living vicariously through their dog's photos on the internet. Every major kennel in the US has been bashed by them. Which says enough. They are all just tyring to start fights over the internet, never really offering any valuable information. I would urge any breeders and owners to STAY AWAY FROM DOBERMANTALK!!!!!



A number of years ago when I first got on the internet I signed up with DT. thinking I would find useful info. That was a joke. I found so much bashing of other people. then last year someone emailed me and said that my website was being bashed by DT. I went up and was appalled at what I read. People that did not know me, did not know my dogs or the testing I have done with my dogs.They were trashing them just because they were different than there's. They had much misinformation and when I tried to give them scientific facts they rejected them. Calling me a greeder and one even said she wished she could bash my head in and bury me. There were many more comments as well. when I did some research on another breeder a few months back I found bashing of this breeder because she bred the solid Black. And in looking I have seen some bashing on breeders that breed showlines and have some top dogs. Just because a person does not like something should be no reason to bash them. Learn the facts. Stay up to date with current research on the Creams, Blacks and any other color that might crop up. Evolution and breeding can and does make many changes in the breed. I have been breeding for 40+ years. And have some wonderful dogs and lines. I breed for Therapy, companion, and protection dogs. And our puppy buyers love there dogs. It is sad when a site will let things like what goes on, on DT to continue. I will no longer buy from anything from anyone associated with this site.


with held

I am horrified at the introduction that most new members with pups who joing DT looking for support are ridiculed and judged an idiot for supporting a BYB because they did not buy from one of the DT Rubber stamped breeders.


Paul Templet -

I now own my third Doberman purchased from Svetdanhaus Canine Services. The first Doberman protected my family and I from an intruder, as trained by Svetdanhaus Canine Services. He died after 14 years of loyal service. Our second Doberman alerted my entire family to a fire in our home long before our alarm system sounded, although he was not trained for this, the quality of his breeding enabled this. Mr. Daigle is now training our third Doberman for our daughter that will soon be attending college away from home. When I saw his website being bashed with worthless remarks about the quality of the photos on his website, this upset me. These people have no clue, obviously no job, and are definitely ignorant about the good people they are insulting. Paul Templet

Bonny S.

HERE! HERE! Good luck - and I hope this works! I am so tired of the "toxic" dumps called pet forums. It's not just the Doberman breed - it's all the breeds. You have a bunch of trolls that sit at their little computers and spew hate and dissent like they are sitting on their little Thrones! They are internet bullies - belittling anyone and everyone that is not part of their little clicks. They give no good information - only their version of the TRUTH of ANY breed! If you don't fit into their pigeon hole of what "they" think a breeder should be or do - look out. I was thrown off of several forums - including one on yahoo - for sticking up for Kimbertal Kennels and a few others. I was told the same thing by the moderator - "it was educating the public". These nasty little forums have taken "free speech" to a new low.
Having shown and bred dogs for many years - I can tell you where this comes from, it's those little jerks in the show ring that don't have a pot to piss in, that stand there each weekend and watch those that they hate take the points that they feel their crap dogs deserve...they envy those that have put in the hard work and money to accomplish something in the breed for decades! The ONLY thing they have that they can use - is their form of lies!
I am thrilled that someone is standing up to these Gestapo tactics!



I am a hobby breeder. I show my dogs conformation and breed very infrequently. My dogs are not albinos nor do they have any WZ in any of the lines. My dogs are ALL health tested and handled by prof. handlers. I find the people on dobermantalk offensive. Albeit they are passionate about the doberman breed, they do not have the right to slander others in the fashion that they have in the past and have evidently done up until present. I was a member of DT years ago and will never post on their site again. It is a shame that they treat others with such disrepect. Anyone buying a pup from a breeder needs to evaluate the breeder in person and make up their own mind. Require references from the breeder from previous customers, make sure the facility is clean, puppies are well taken care of, willing to take puppies back if owner cannot keep, and stand behind what they put on the ground. Take what dobermantalk says with a grain of salt. The forum was designed to help people learn more about the breed. It's unfortunately turned into a "My way or the highway" attitude among certain members.


April Ward

I am not even sure where to start about Doberman talk! I take great pride in my dogs and my breeding program. I do everything I can to test for disease. prove the worthiness of my dogs for breeding- we compete in AKC Obed, Rally, Agility, and we are involved in Schutzhund and tracking. I have European dogs so AKC championships are not in our cards but we will be showing in the seiger shows to pursue that as well. We test for cardio, thyroid, CERF eye exams, hips, brucellosis and I also do full blodd panels on ALL of my dogs. My point in writing this isn't to sell my dogs, I already have a waiting list for my puppies. My point is the DT people still decided I was a worthless breeder, uneducated and had no business breeding. They tried to rip apart my dogs and the stud I am using for my next litter. Saying that the only reason I was using that dog was because I owned him, the funny thing is on my website it states who the owner of the dog is. They will try anything to make anyone out of their circle look bad. And they will through out half-truths, and straight out lies to make their "point". Please do your own research and look for what is important to you about the breeder you choose I wish I had the time to tear apart their breeding lines, but I spend my time with my dogs, not my computer.



It is an absolute shame that Dobermantalk, which expresses itself as an educational site for doberman enthusiasts, actually trolls the internet for breeders and then bashes them online. I have even been told that breeders have received phone calls from members of dobermantalk, calling to inquire if they have puppies, and then reporting it back on the forum. If that aint trolling, I dont know what is! If you post a question that they dont like, they start an arguement, post those retarded smilies making fun of the poster, or refer to them as trouble makers. I find no "education" in criticizing a breeder because they dont follow certain regimens established by the idiots on
I give many kudos to the person who created THIS website.

Just goes to show how horribly they effect the breeders they slander. You need to post to help stop it. Remember... once they slander you as a breeder, it is on the internet and it's there forever! You cant get it off! Uneducated prospective puppy people see what they write, well you can say bye-bye to that puppy person. If you are a puppy person, looking to buy a puppy, please take what the idiots on dobermantalk say with a huge grain of salt! Check out the other forums to ask your questions. By all means, I am not saying there arent horrible, unethical breeders out there... but they make EVERY breeder to look that way. Furthermore, I hope the advertisers or sponsors of that DT forum step up and do the right thing and support the OTHER doberman forums on the internet. The ones that promote positive doberman ownership!

I am just as passionate about the doberman breed as the next person, if not more. But I dont judge, criticize, belittle, bash, or slander someone just because their opinion may differ from mine. I am not a breeder, but I will certainly stick up for the breeders I believe in! Including the ones I bought my dobermans from.

I am just as passionate about the doberman breed as the next person, if not more. But I dont judge, criticize, belittle, bash, or slander someone just because their opinion may differ from mine. I am not a breeder, but I will certainly stick up for the breeders I believe in! Including the ones I bought my dobermans from.


No Name

I too am a breeder and agree with all thats been said about DT , I'm still on there because I m scared my kennel or name will get brought up by these ding bats that dont know me at all..I am waiting to defend myself. If they like you its only for wile . I have always put at the bottem of my post (IMHO) because thats what it is ! But they dont see it that way. I know I would never sell a pup to anyone that is on there because all that will get you is problems later.
I show and test/ breed on a VERY small scale but yet they push breeders that are breeding 4/5/6 litters a year ? and they dont even know it! double standerds forsure. STAY away from DT .its bad news!



These people are vicious, they live to seek and destroy your reputation if you disagree with them and their little clique and especially if you are a breeder! They are ruthless to breeders! You're right, from the Administrator to the Moderator, they need to go! Good luck, I hope this finally works, this has been going on for way to long, glad someone is taking them on and exposing them for who they really are - a bunch of faceless and anonymous trolls, this could be a decent place with the right people.



I have two comments.
First, I posted on DT years ago and am very knowledgeable about genetics. The moderators ripped me apart and said I was ignorant although none of them posted what degrees they have. I switched to Dobermanhub and doberman-chat. Both are preferable.
Two, I had an email forwarded to me from a large kennel with information on a class action lawsuit against DT and the posters who constantly defame everyone. Does anyone have more information on it? I do not breed so I did not keep it. I will be writing to the advertisers on DT. Some negative letters will shake their tree.


Dobie lover in PA.

When I first joined DT,everyone was very helpful.We had a total differant community to what it is now.Then new members came onto the board,and basicly ruined a good forum.Everything was a heated debate/bashing waiting to happen.It got to the point I no longer enjoyed the forum,and found it much less informative-because I had to weed through the negative postings to get any info I requested.(if the threads weren't closed first).
I strongly reccommend finding an alternate doberman forum community,for your dobermann board needs.



I can't count how many times I've been ridiculed and libeled on these boards. Repeated requests to the point of begging to remove posts have gone ignored by admin and moderators. They have actually come back with snide remarks, like they enjoy seeing people hurt! I have personally seen Moderators side with the bashers with absolutely no concern for the hurt party. I title and test but still to no avail for these malicious people on DT. It's very sad to see what they do to breeders who have been doing this for a long time and are only out to better the breed. It's like they have nothing better to do than hurt others while trying to make themselves look good, I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. I wish we could get a class action suit against these offenders.


Walter Falk

Not at all impressed with this talk website... Dobermantalk is a disgrace to the Doberman Pinscher breed.



A BIG part of the problem is the idiot moderators they have. They like to stir the pot and dont stop the shit before it starts flying! They delete or edit posts for those they are friends with, but damaging posts are left. Worst forum I've ever been on!



I went on dobermantalk when my husband and I were considering a puppy. Those people called me ignorant and said we had no business getting a doberman. I had researched the breed for months. We had German Shepherds for 15 years and we were looking into getting our 1st dobe. We ended up going to the Doberman-Chat site where everyone was very nice. Dobermantalk members are nasty and belligerent towards those who ask what they consider "stupid" questions. I personally would not recommend the site. I found no usefulness out of being a member. I was also shocked to see how catty they were towards other breeders and amongst themselves. Not my type of forum. I felt like I was in HighSchool and didnt fit into their "click".


No Name

This persons comment is valid. The majority of users on DT are genuinely nice people who share a common love of our breed. The problem is that many people go on to the site to research a particular breeder and are immediately attacked by the same group of users and the moderators/administrator do not enforce the terms of use/manifesto to these repeat offenders despite how defamatory/inappropriate their posts are. When someone tries to defend a breeder (or themselves), they are usually banned or at a minimum, attacked. I think this site is a result of the frustration with the biased moderators and administrator who clearly promote their own agenda as opposed to maintaining a level of decorum on DT which would allow it to be a reliable source of information. There are certainly breeders out there that deserve to be criticized but there are a group of DT users who portray any breeder they don't like as BYB, crook or puppy mill. They defame them horribly and no action is taken against them. If DT would simply enforce their own rules evenly to ALL users and not just the ones the mods/administrator disagree with, there wouldn't be a need for this site.


R. Wessels

I spent several months on this forum, and got support from people I thought were "friends" when my puppies were ill. When things went bad & one of my puppies died, I again had their support, or so I thought. then i posted something they didn't like & boy did they turn on me! I was told I "deserved" going through parvo with both of my dogs because I goit them from a BYB before I knew better. It'd been 16 years since my last dog 'purchase' so i had no idea about the BYB issue! They said I was going to start a breeding program because my husband got our family a new puppy shortly after one passed away (because her sister -and myself- were suffering severely from depression). ALL because they didn't know who I was buying from, so therefore I was again buying from a BYB with no morals. THEIR OPINION! My breeder has been great, my pup is now more than 2 & we still keep in touch. Someone they bashed. But then, they bashed my pup because she had Hoytt lines. All oof my dogs are fixed, so it'd be pretty hard to become a BYB as they suggested I was trying to do! The hardest part of the situation was seeing people who had seemed to care while you went through one of the worst experiences of my life turn on me in a flash because they didn't like the breeder of our new pup & then bring up all this pain we'd gone through the prior 7 months and use it against you. They like to hear themselves talk, and they believe they are so FAR superior to anyone not in their clique. I've had 23 years experience with the breed & I did learn a lot on the forums...but the grief I went through when things went bad were so not worth it! There are other , much more friendly & REALISTIC forums for average owners who love their dogs, the Doberman breed, and want nothing but the best for their PETS. Rather than catering to elitist SHOWPERSONS.


A Disgusted DT Member

DT has moderators who are breeders that also bash breeders on their forum who are not in their group.

If the moderators and administrators don't agree with your opinion they'll lock down the thread. They have even demanded posts be deleted when members have no access to delete anything. They are vicious, biased and do great harm to not only breeders, but to individuals with whom they don't agree.

It is inappropriate and unprofessional to bash people and animals, but they do it well and often.



I have to admit I did feel somewhat personally "attacked" when asking rookie questions on the forum. I went to the forum looking for experienced owners / breeders opinions and advice... What I got instead, it would seem... was people who seem to think that doberman rookies shouldnt even be on there asking questions... I feel very out of place not being a breeder or doberman expert... which to me, defeats the purpose of the forum.



The fact there is now an 11 page thread about beware of DobermanTalk with ridicoulous photos shows the true maturity level of most the members there. Someone posted a photo with the quote "Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics, Even if you win you are still retarded." Okay another member commented that this offended her because she has a retarded brother. NOBODY said anything or apologized for this comment....they DON'T CARE who's feelings they hurt! To them people are just names on a screen, not HUMANS!

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For the record, I am the DT member with who spoke up about the Special Olympics comment and the OP of that post did apologize to me privately.

As for DT, I think its a shame that a place that has such valuable information can also be a place with so much venom. I think I figured it out today - it's like Mean Girls...

Hopefully this site will shed light on the negative side of DT (and any public forum) if allowed to run amuck and civility is not enforced)and DT can be a trusted, safe, authoritative source for the lovers of the Doberman breed.

I thought id finally share something i wrote back in 2008 (yes this has been going on that long)

Doberman Chat (DC), was created one day after i saw to many new Members of Doberman Talk (DT) get run off for simply asking the wrong question. While i personally love DT as an incredible and valuable Doberman resource, It is my opinion that management there doesn't do enough to shelter new members from attacks by a good number of there veteran members, and the wannabes

Doberman Chat was never intended to steal members away from DT. But rather an alternative for the members they have chewed up and spit out like rotten pieces of meat. it was created as an option for those that were turned off by the high level of politics and clicky behavior.

I personally feel that the newer members that have been run off from the DT community are the members that need a place to educate themselves about the doberman breed the most. This cannot be achieved by Insulting a new community member because they simply asked a basic question. Therefore a higher level of tolerance is not only needed here but required.

That is also the reason for the number one rule "no personal attacks." I know it can be difficult when someone is advocating Albino or Z factored Dobermans or something similar. But it is there opinion and i believe they are at least entitled to be heard. then educated in a respectful manner. In my opinion the only thing that would make this unacceptable is when they use this board to spread there propaganda and or agenda. Some people do know better and cannot be reached no matter how hard we try to make them understand. This seems especially true to veteran members of Doberman Talk.


ref painted 1 brush

The majority of users on DT are genuinely nice people who share a common love of our breed. The problem is that many people go on to the site to research a particular breeder and are immediately attacked by the same group of users and the moderators/administrator do not enforce the terms of use/manifesto to these repeat offenders despite how defamatory/inappropriate their posts are. When someone tries to defend a breeder (or themselves), they are usually banned or at a minimum, attacked. I think this site is a result of the frustration with the biased moderators and administrator who clearly promote their own agenda as opposed to maintaining a level of decorum on DT which would allow it to be a reliable source of information. There are certainly breeders out there that deserve to be criticized but there are a group of DT users who portray any breeder they don't like as BYB, crook or puppy mill. They defame them horribly and no action is taken against them. If DT would simply enforce their own rules evenly to ALL users and not just the ones the mods/administrator disagree with, there wouldn't be a need for this site.



I too struggled when we got our first Doberman and the first place I found was Doberman Talk. Well it only took a couple of innocent questions to realize that no matter what you said or did, you were going to be dragged over the coals if you weren't in their "caste"... I'm glad there are much friendlier options these days where you can go and get solid information on the wonderful breed, without all of the sarcasm and game playing you get at DT.

Ronald Conklin -

doberman talk which i joined 2wks ago the mere mention of kimbertal kennels sent them into a mindless attack on me . for heaven sakes i was new and got shot on my first post.