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Are you a current or past victim of defamation or copyright infringement by the trolls behind screen names of DT?  If DT does not want to clean up their act, we can clean it up for them. Here is your chance to fight back. By following these steps and by Googles own admission, Google will drop them from their search results affecting them where it hurts most - in their wallet. I suggest you follow these steps for each and every instance of defamation against you, and it could very well remove the search results whereby you are named and limit your damages.

1. Go to: http://support.google.com/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1114905&page=ts.cs

If you have a case of defamation, click on "I have a legal Issue" then follow the prompts. If you have a situation whereas information was copy and pasted from your web site to the DT forum, click the same "Legal Issue" button and then click "unlawful content"

2. Contact your Internet Service Provider and file a complaint with them. They will contact the parent company and inform them of the violations.

I think it is time to clean them up. With enough complaints, we will shut down DT. It is unfortunate however for the many members of DT with some real knowledge that is getting a bad rap from an idiot few and a forum owner who cares not of the people they harm.

PS. To the members of DT, you can thank your little member DobeNewbie for this page.  This little troll thought it funny in his attention seeking to broadcast my personal information on Dt  - like it was a secret - it's not, Fact is, my information isn't private, it is out there everywhere. DobieNewbie who like most bashers there hide behind screen names with little to no personal information, -  what a coward! Fact is little puppy, you want to play with the big dogs, you might want to grow some resemblance of testicles before you play with the big dogs......Coward!